Mahatma Gandhi told after visiting Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math: "I have gone through his works very throughly, and after having gone through them, the love that I had for my country became a thousand-fold." 

By chanting this 'Swadesha Mantra' one's love for  our country will definitely increase many thousandfolds. 

O India! Forget not that the ideal of thy womanhood is Sita, Savitri, Damayanti; forget not that the God thou worshippest is the great Ascetic of ascetics, the all - renouncing Shankara, the Lord of Uma; forget not that thy marriage, thy wealth, thy life are not for sense - pleasure, are not for thy individual personal happiness; forget not that thou art born as a sacrifice to the Mother's altar; forget not that thy social order is but the reflex of the Infinite Universal Motherhood; forget not that the lower classes, the ignorant, the poor, the illiterate, the cobbler, the sweeper, are thy flesh and blood, thy brothers. Thou brave one, be bold, take courage, be proud that thou art an Indian, and proudly proclaim, "I am an Indian, every Indian is my brother." Say, "The ignorant Indian, the poor and destitute Indian, the Brahmin Indian, the Pariah Indian, is my brother." Thou, too, clad with but a rag round thy loins proudly proclaim at the top of thy voice: "The Indian is my brother, the Indian is my life, India's gods and goddesses are my God. India's society is the cradle of my infancy, the pleasure - garden of my youth, the sacred heaven, the Varanasi of my old age." Say, brother; "The soil of India is my highest heaven, the good of India is my good," and repeat and pray day and night, "O Thou Lord of Gauri, O Thou Mother of the Universe, vouchsafe manliness unto me! O Thou Mother of Strength, take away my weakness, take away my unmanliness, and make me a Man!"

SOURCE: The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda,
                   [Volume-4; Translations(Prose): Modern India]

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Dr.Jayashreerameshchandrababu said...

Respected legendary persons,Sir/Madam

I respect Swami Vivekanda in every
nook and corner.His words .style and outlook to men and women are remember to my thoughts and my works.It's an inspiration through out my life.
Jai Hind India and salute swamiji
in his cntribution to world also.
By Dr.Jayashreerameshchandrababu

Saravanan said...

swamiji is the heart & soul of India & EVERY YOUTH IN INDIA must accept him as their leader

Semanti said...

Swamiji is the Father of India, He is the India personified! None else can realize India as He can!