Sri Ramakrishna
Sri Ramakrishna used to tell his other disciples about greatness of his chief disciple Naren, the future Swami Vivekananda [Swamiji]. In course of time he would be endowed with power to transmit spirituality to others through mere thought or touch. It actually happened one day during Sri Ramakrishna’s life time.

It was Shiva-ratri, the night of the spring festival of the Lord Shiva. Three or four boy devotees were fasting with Swamiji. They wished to pass the auspicious night worshiping and keeping vigil. That evening there was a heavy shower, and the devotees were delighted to see on the newly formed clouds occasional flashes of lightening that looked like Lord Shiva’s matted hair.

Swami Vivekananda
At 10 pm., after finishing the first quarter of the night’s worship, chanting, and meditation, Swamiji remained seated, relaxing and conversing with others. One of his companions left the room to prepare a smoke for him, and another went to the main building to finish a particular chore. Swamiji suddenly felt that divine power awaken within him. Intending to put it into effect and test its results, he said to Swami Abhedananda, who was seated facing him, “Please touch me for a while.” After a little while, the boy who had gone to prepare the tobacco returned. He saw Swami Vivekananda meditating, sitting motionless, while Abhedananda sat close by, his right hand touching Swamiji’s right knee. Abhedananda’s hand was trembling rapidly, and his eyes were closed. After a few minutes Swamiji opened his eyes and said: “That is enough. How did you feel?”

Swami Abhedananda
Abhedananda replied, “As one feels a shock wave while touching an electric battery, and one’s hand trembles, so I felt when touching you.”

The boy asked Abhedananda, “Was your hand trembling of itself as you touched Swamiji?”

Abhedananda responded: “Yes. I could not keep it steady, though I tried.”

There was no further discussion of the incident. Swamiji smoked his tobacco. Afterwards all were involved in the second quarter of worship and meditation. Abhedananda then went into deep meditation. We had never seen him so absorbed. His whole body became stiff, his neck and head were bent, and for a time he completely lost consciousness of the outer world. Everyone present thought he had that deep meditation as a result of having touched Swamiji shortly before. Swamiji also noticed his condition and silently pointed it out to a companion.

At 4 a.m. when the worship of the fourth quarter was over, Swami Ramakrishnananda came to the worship room and told Swamiji, “The Master [Sri Ramakrishna] is calling for you.” Swamiji immediately went to the second floor of the main building, where the Master was staying. Ramakrishnanada also followed him because he was serving the Master.

Seeing Swamiji, the Master said: Hello! You are frittering away your power before you have accumulated enough of it. First gather it deep within yourself, and then you will understand where and how you should use it. Mother will let you know. Don’t you see what great harm you have done to that boy by infusing your ideas into him? He had been following a specific practice for a long time, and now all is spoilt like a miscarriage in the sixth month of pregnancy. Well, what was supposed to happen has happened. From now on don’t do such a thing rashly. The boy is lucky that greater harm did not befall him.”

Swamiji said later: “I was completely dumbfounded. The Master had come to know whatever we did during worship! What could I do? I remained silent as he scolded me.”

In later years Swami Vivekananda transferred spiritual power to others by mere wish as predicted by his Guru Sri Ramakrishna.

SOURCE: The Great Master, Sri Ramakrishna, RK Math, Chennai-4

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